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If it was not inevitable


This is the number of acute episodes that will progress to chronic back pain

French people with back pain at least once in their lifetime

This is the place of back pain in the grounds of consultation of general practitioners in France

Low back pain is the leading cause of disability before age 45

Back ache

How to make sure the treatment is suitable
in a simple, fast way and without heavy investment?
SAM instruments brings an innovative solution.

Demand your complete balance sheet
posture on SAM3D equipment
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Posture balance complete,
with diagnostic assistance
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4 minutes!
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Without Radiation
Modeling of osteoarticular axes:
spine curves
Automatic balance sheets
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 SAM 3D Characteristics :

Exposure time: 40 ms
Résolution probe: 14 000 000 Pixels
Acuracy <1mm
Height 2 m
Space requiered : 3.5m x 1.2m
Weight: 45 kg

SAM 3D equipment:

  • Measuring system
  • SAM3D software
  • S.G.D* database access

*SAM Global Database






SAM Instruments:
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